Writing Consultants


You can call me Zero; I am a student at LCC currently pursuing an ASNS Degree(subject to change.) I enjoy creative writing, applied science in the field and in the lab, and have so far completed ENG 100. A fun fact about me is that I used to be a zookeeper!


I recently graduated from LCC with my AS in Teaching. I am now currently pursuing my Bachelors in General Education at UH West Oahu. A few English classes I have taken are ENG 100 and ENG 200. Some other classes I have taken include PSY 100, ED 100, HWST 107 and SP 151.


I am currently pursuing my BA in Creative Media at UH West Oahu. Writing-intensive courses I have completed are ENG 100, ENG 200, and CM 155. Other courses I have completed include PSY 100, ANTH 151, ANTH 152, and MATH 100.


I graduated with an AA in Liberal Arts from LCC. Currently, I’m completing my BA at UH West. I’ve taken a number of English courses, including ENG 204, ENG 207, ENG 271, and ENG 272H. Other writing intensive courses I’ve completed include ANTH 200, REL 201, REL 204, and HWST 245. I enjoy creative writing and religious studies.


I am currently pursuing an AA in Liberal Arts and planning to complete my BA at UH Manoa. I have completed ENG 100 and am currently taking ENG 270. Other courses I’ve taken include PSY 100, MATH 103, REL 150, and SOC 100. I am excited to collaborate with you!

I recently graduated from Leeward CC with an AA in Liberal Arts. Currently, I am pursuing a BA in Art at UH Manoa. English classes that I have completed are ENG 100 and ENG 200. I enjoy reading in my free time. Other courses that I have completed include HWST 107, ART 176 (ArtHist), REL 151, COMG 151 (Speech). In addition, I tutor Japanese 101, 102, 201, 202 at the LRC. I look forward to meeting you and helping with anything you need!