Writing Consultants


I recently graduated from Leeward CC with an AA in Liberal Arts. Currently, I am pursuing a BA in Public Administration at UH West Oahu. English classes that I have completed are ENG100, 200, and 270. Other classes that I have completed include HWST107, POLS110, MATH115, and SP251


I am currently pursuing my BA in Creative Media at UH West Oahu. Writing-intensive courses I have completed are ENG 100, ENG 200, and CM 155. Other courses I have completed include PSY 100, ANTH 151, ANTH 152, and MATH 100.


I recently graduated with an AA in Liberal Arts and am aiming to complete my BA at UH West. I’ve taken a number of English courses, including ENG 204, ENG 207, ENG 271, and ENG 272H. Other writing intensive courses I’ve completed include ANTH 200, REL 201, REL 204, and HWST 245. I enjoy creative writing and theology


I am currently pursuing a BA in Computer Science. I have taken various Fiction Writing classes in the past, as well as ENG 100 at Leeward CC, and like to write sometimes in my free time. I’ve also taken ART 176 (ArtHist), MUS 121C (Piano), PSY 100 (Psych), ICS 111 (CompSci), and MATH 241 (Calc). Looking forward to helping in whatever way you need!