Reading Strategies (Oregon State University)
Overview of reading strategies. (video)

Reading to Write (The Learning Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Strategies for reading assignments and for engaging in the reading and writing process.

Active Reading (Writing Commons)
Active reading strategies that exemplify engaging with a text as a conversation, annotating, rereading, and managing one’s time. (includes video)

Double-Entry Response Format (Writing Commons)
Examples of a reading strategy to extend thinking and critique a passage.

Critical Thinking and Reading (Snap Language, YouTube)
Video overview of critical thinking, reading, and evaluating. (video)

Active Reading Strategies Part 1: SQ3R (Khan Academy)
Description of the acronym “SQ3R” to help with reading fluency and comprehension.

Context Clues Video and Worksheet - Synonyms, Antonyms, Cognates, and Examples (ESOL and English Teacher, YouTube)
Discussion of types of context clues to aid in reading comprehension. (video)