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Toll free: 800.836.7372
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Box Office: 808.596.7858

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Welcome to Hawaii Opera Theatre’s website

We have made many changes and upgrades to the website and there is more to come. We intend to make this website one of the best opera websites in the country, and we want to use it as a method to reach our members and opera lovers everywhere, enriching their opera experiences.

In these times of financial difficulties for the Arts, in Hawaii as elsewhere, it is all the more important that we communicate with our members and supporters and bring them together into a community dedicated to the Arts and especially to Grand Opera. With this website, we hope to do exactly that.

We would like you, our opera community, to join us in this effort, to visit our Hawaii Opera Theatre site and participate in all its functions and opportunities. Please enjoy what we have designed for you and come back often.

This website, as all Art, is a work in progress, and we always want to learn how to make it better. Therefore, if you have comments or suggestions about it, or if you would like to help us with content or design, we welcome hearing from you.