About LRC Tutoring

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is a welcoming place where you can get help with your courses, develop confidence in your own abilities, and strengthen your learning skills. The LRC offers free support for a wide range of Leeward CC content courses. Content tutors are fellow students who are available to help with course concepts and study strategies.

Who are the tutors?

  • Friendly fellow students who understand the subject and enjoy helping others
  • Spring 2023 (starting 1/17) available subjects include the following: BIO, CHEM, HAW, HWST, JPN, & PHYL
  • See Penjiapp or contact lrctutor [at] hawaii [dot] edu for subject-specific availability for tutoring.

What tutors do:

  • Tutors explain course concepts, coach and guide you in solving problems or practicing skills, and help you review before exams
  • They also offer tips and resources to make studying more productive and less stressful