(Casual translation: Why don't we study Japanese together?)

Thank you for your interest in taking Japanese at Leeward Community College!! Learning Japanese can be difficult, but definitely fun and rewarding! Japanese instructors at Leeward CC are committed to helping students achieve their maximum potential and individual goals in learning Japanese. So, join us to explore the language, customs, and culture of Japan.

Placement Test

If you have any background or previous experience with the Japanese language, you should take the Placement Test to see which is the most appropriate level for you. Please e-mail the following information to Kazuko Nakamitsu (ioroi [at] hawaii.edu).


  1. Name
  2. E-mail address
  3. Telephone number
  4. Name(s) of school(s) where you studied Japanese
  5. Level(s) of Japanese courses you have taken; e.g. 1st year
  6. Names of the textbooks used, and how many lessons covered, if you remember
  7. The approximate number of kanji characters you can read and write (NOTE: If you don't know hiragana or katakana, you should start with JPNS 101.)
  8. Heritage student: How often and with whom do you speak Japanese at home?

Course Descriptions - Japanese (JPNS)

  • JPNS 101 Elementary Japanese I (4)
  • JPNS 102 Elementary Japanese II (4)     
  • JPNS 201 Intermediate Japanese I (4)
  • JPNS 202 Intermediate Japanese II (4)

 Japan Circle (Student Club)