In the early 70’s here in Hawaii, a strong movement to sustain the Hawaiian language took place and now the Hawaiian language is the official language of the state, reestablished in the 1978 constitutional convention. The Hawaiian language is recognized state wide, in both public and private organizations, and is now commonly used at many homes. Hawaiian is being taught in all levels of schools ranging from pre-school all the way up to the college level. Here at Leeward Community College, the Hawaiian language gives students an opportunity to learn the language that was once the dominant language of this land. Leeward Community College offers basic levels of Hawaiian 101 and 102 and intermediate levels of Hawaiian 201 to 202.

Through the course of learning Hawaiian, different forms of learning are integrated into the curriculum such as: the oratory form through Hawaiian mele or song, listening to different forms of media of Hawaiian people in conversation, Hawaiian Mo’olelo or Hawaiian stories, the many old Hawaiian newspapers or even listening to Native Hawaiian language speakers living today. Students also learn general information of different topics pertinent to the Hawaiian language and perhaps work alongside other organizations that use the Hawaiian language.

By enrolling in the Hawaiian language courses offered here at Leeward, students become an integral part of giving life to the language and taking it further outside of Leeward and maybe reconnecting themselves to the language that was once spoken in their homes.

Course Descriptions - Hawaiian (HAW)


  • HAW 101 Elementary Hawaiian I (4)
  • HAW 102 Elementary Hawaiian II (4)
  • HAW 201 Intermediate Hawaiian I (4)
  • HAW 202 Intermediate Hawaiian II (4)