Winter 2016

Mixed Plate


Compiled by Ka Mana'o staff. Illustrations by Trina Sisomvang



The dystopian-themed park known as Dismaland, founded and organized by Banksy, an English-based graffiti artist and political activist was open to the public from August 21 to September 27. Once housed at the Weston super-Mare in Somerset, England, Dismaland put a dark twist on the happiest place on earth: Disneyland.


text and photos by Melany McAngus

Monochromatic fashion is a current and very prevalent fashion trend, worn by celebrities and fashion bloggers alike. The term refers to separates of the same color, but with a mixture of different textures, tones and patterns to create a streamlined, tonal look. This look adds depth and dimension to any outfit and makes people look taller and leaner by creating an uninterrupted line from head to toe.

#LuckyweliveHI Structural Integrity

text and photos by Melany McAngus

#LuckyweliveHi has historically been attributed to sunsets, hiking, and beach pictures strewn across instagram. However, there are more dimensions to the beauty of the islands than just the earthly attributes. There is also a cultural aspect that is uniquely diverse and more easily accessible here than, arguably, anywhere else. One way to experience another culture is by visiting a place that is dedicated to specific traditions of a certain culture. The places listed below will not only give one a new appreciation for the nuances of different cultures and how they incorporate architecture into their lives, but also as a way to step into a place of history.



by Chance Nakazato
illustrations by Lily Chan and Matthew McAngus

Hoping to improve his inking capabilities and adopt healthier drawing habits, Utah-based illustrator Jake Parker established InkTober, a month-long ink-based drawing challenge that to this day, thousands of artists participate in annually.


Uncommon Traditions

by Chance Nakazato
illustrations by Lily Chan


In places like India, Singapore and Malaysia, a popular Hinduism festival known as Thaipusam takes place in the month of Thai (January or February) on the night of the full moon. Thaipusam, which is a combination of the words “Thai” — the name of the month in which the festival is held — and “pusam” — the name of a star — is held over several days, drawing thousands of Hindu devotees.

Parking Stalls


by Chance Nakazato
photos by Marcel Saragena



Parking at Leeward Community College seems to be a constant struggle. For students, faculty and staff, finding stalls at reasonable times and at convenient locations often proves difficult. With so much construction occurring simultaneously, and during the busiest hours of the day, some drivers take close to half an hour to even one hour to find parking, and in the most extreme cases students will skip class entirely.

Night out in Chinatown

by Melany McAngus



62 N Hotel St, Honolulu, HI 96817



11am to 2pm

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