Winter 2015

Sexy Sophistication: A lookbook for girls on the go

by Melany McAngus

Business fashion screams confidence. It makes women look classy and composed. The best kind of office attire is appropriate for the workplace, yet cute enough for a night out. The trick, though, is to find apparel that mixes sexiness with sophistication. Here are some trendy outfits that can be worn at work, out for drinks or just a casual day in the city.

Gender and Sexuality

by Nate Jaramillo 
illustration by Ryan Nash
Gender is a social construct. Rooted in white colonialism, the male-female gender binary has become the standard, excluding cultural third genders, intersex people, and people who are gender-nonconforming.

Red Light District: Prostitution and the moral crusade

by Tyla Smith
photos by Melany McAngus
Sex has always had strict laws attached to it.
When it comes to sex work images of women and children kept in houses where man after man enters—where they are forced to please so they will not be beat. Or women walking the streets willing to do anything for a few bucks to support their addiction to crack, or so their pimp will not bruise their face.

The Sex Decision: Educating others before getting under the covers

by Tyla Smith
photos by Melany McAngus
I can remember my father getting outraged with me when I was a teenager researching how a woman was supposed to masturbate. He took away my computer privileges, berated me, and I felt like a pervert.

There's An App For That: Online dating Apps

by Jericho Juan
Starting a new life, getting married, first anniversaries — it all starts with the first date. Dating has gone from face-to-face to screen-to-screen, and as dating websites and mobile apps have emerged, our dating habits have transformed as well.

Movie Review: "Shakespeare In Love"

by Alex Sabalburo
“Shakespeare In Love,” set during the Elizabethan age, features a young William Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) who is out of ideas and short on cash. Searching for inspiration, he falls in love with Viola De Lesseps (Gwyneth Paltrow) and through this relationship, he creates his most renowned play “Romeo & Juliet.”

Recipes: French Onion Soup and Truffles

by Coe Snyder
photos by Marcel Saragena

Potential Partners Q&A: What college students look for in a significant other

by Megan Ridings & Ryan Sims
Illustration by Kaeli Giron
College can be a time of rediscovery and reinvention but it doesn’t have to be done alone. Considering how much time most students spend on campus, it’s not uncommon for some to get together.

Period Piece: Menstruation then and now

by Tyla Smith
photos by Ryan Nash
Two college girls casually sit opposite of each other. One whispers to the other that she needs a tampon. The other rummages through her bag and, slips it under the table as if it were an illegal bag of cocaine.

Strength, Beauty and Grace: Fit For a Goddess Studio

by Jessie McGeary
photos by Marcel Saragena
“Hello Beautiful” — the two words gracing the doorway in a room full of neon lights and reflections of towering poles. This is the Fit For a Goddess (FFG) dance studio, where women can express themselves and build their self-identity through one of the most modern and unique fitness activities: pole dancing.
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