Winter 2014

Fashion: Then Vs Now

Writer: Jasmine Bautista

Photographer: Marcel Saragena and Joel Gaspar


A Message From Student Government


Compiled by: Student Government


Starting with this Fall 2014 semester, Leeward CC’s Student Government consists of a batch of fresh faces to the faculty and campus community. Student Government is comprised of ten students: President Trong Dang, Vice President Heather Gottshall, Treasurer and Wai`anae Senator Robert Hetzel, Secretary Tyler Del Rosario, and Senators Alexander Neuman, Timothy Sunia, Phung Nguyen, Kristin Tamanaha, Suzanne Pohlman, and Kaitlyn Bonn.


Fall in Love with Food

Recipes and photos by Khristine Mina

The Costco Diet

Writer: Keahi Selhorst

Only three food groups exist for college students: Top Ramen, cereal, and coffee. Although most students might want to improve this diet, they have little knowledge of how to do it. The Costco Diet is an idea that eating healthy can be done without spending too much.

Intimate Partner Violence


Writer: Tyla Smith

Photographer: Melany McAngus


For Mary* intimate partner violence (IPV) was a cycle of cruelty cleverly disguised as love.

A former Leeward Community College student and president of Leeward’s Reaching Out Club, Mary never thought that she would be in an abusive relationship. Something that happens to 20 people every minute according to the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey.

IM Lee Sports


Writer: Tyla Smith

Photographer: Elisha Qalo

Interviewee: Lisiti Tino, IM Lee Sports


How has this semester with IM Lee Sports been going?

This semester for IMLeesSports has been hectic but fun. First time doing our own leagues so we had to deal with everything from meetings with players to aiding them on the field when injured or (refereeing) them. We were with the players from start to finish with all the games. Even the other campuses as well such as Honolulu and Kapiolani.


Streetlight Cadence


Writer: Chance Nakazato

Photographer: Cara Ahn


Streetlight Cadence began in the busy streets of Waikiki featuring alternative indie folk pop and unconventional instrumentation, attracting people of all ages to appreciate their music on and off the streets.


The Solution of Cats


Writer: Tyla Smith

Photographer: Jordan Randolph


While Leeward Community College does not have a large cat problem there are a few feral cats that roam the outside edges of the campus ground. These cats are taken care of by different staff members who have volunteered to take on the title of feral cat caregiver by administration. These individuals use their own funds to feed, spay, and neuter the cat population.


The Friend Zone


Writer: Coe Snyder

Illustration: Trina Sisomvang


People consider the friend zone to be an unfair place. They feel entitled to have their feelings reciprocated, and if they aren’t, life seems cruel. When the feeling of becoming intimate with a specific person no longer controls a person, the many benefits of the friend zone can be reaped.


Japan Circle


Writers: Ka Mana'o Staff

Photographer: Jordon Randolph


Justin Powell joined Japan Circle and found life skills he wasn’t expecting.


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