Summer 2016

Pokemon Go Out on the Town

pokego logo.jpg
by Jasmine Bautista
With Apple recently confirming that “Pokemon Go” has reached 30 million downloads worldwide, it is currently the world’s biggest trend. Here’s how local businesses are capitalizing on the app:

Mixed Plate

A compliation of random facts & opinions by Ka Mana'o staff

Unagi Travel

A company in Japan offers trips and tours for $55 or less but there’s a catch: it’s only for stuffed animals.

Behind the Seams


interview and photos by Melany McAngus

Shiloh Qalo, a Fashion Tech student at Honolulu Community College, is entering her senior year in the fashion design program. Throughout her three years at the college, she has budded into a promising designer.

The Perfect Pineapple Party


by Nathaniel Jaramillo and Melany McAngus
photos by Melany McAngus and Megan Ridings


Summer usually means parties, whether they’re for a graduation, holiday or just on a whim. Everyone should try their hand at playing host to experience the joys of creating an atmosphere of fun and entertainment. Here are some tips to turn a summer party into the party of the year. The theme: pineapples, of course! This may sound a bit tacky, but if done correctly, a pineapple-themed party can be both festive and cool.

What's Trending: Swimwear


Geometric Prints

Sports Bra Cut Tops

12 travel tips for beginning and seasoned travelers


by Coe Snyder
illustration by Lily Chan


The Year of Role Playing Games


by Gerick-CJ Banga
illustrations by Matthew McAngus


Summer: hot days, warm nights and bouts of boredom. For gamers, this is the perfect time to catch up on recent releases while they wait with anticipation for the games garnering hype. The most notable trait about these games is that they’re all role-playing games (RPG). These games feature immersive character roles with some sort of progression system such as levels or stats.

24 Hours of Netflix


by Katlyn Overtree
illustrations by Lily Chan


Animated, live action, film, or series, Netflix has a cornucopia of both good and bad material for the audience to enjoy. The titles are ever-changing, bringing both new and old shows in, while quietly letting its previous roster go. This list is dedicated to only a fraction of the shows that are currently available and easy to binge watch.

Short, Sweet, and to the Lookout Point


article and photos by Melany McAngus

Hawai‘i is full of beautiful landscapes, lush foliage and picturesque scenes that make it the prime location for those seeking adventure in the great outdoors. Some hikes takes longer than others, and some days just call for a shorter trail. For those who may be novice hikers or aren’t looking to expend too much energy for the ‘gram, here are some mini hikes (30-40 minutes) that offer instant gratification and some outstanding, panoramic views.

Many Rivers, One Ocean

by Chance Nakazato
photos by Aaron Pila and Marcel Saragena

At three strikes of the bowl, thousands of lanterns were released into the water.  

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