Summer 2013

Kalaupapa exhibit comes to Leeward

Writer and photographer: Jessie McGeary

Most people already know the story about Father Damien and his unselfish service to the leprosy victims in Hawai‘i and at the Kalaupapa settlement on Moloka‘i. Patients were relocated and quarantined there to prevent then spread of the disease, and in the process were often taken away from their homes, family and friends. Ironically, the stories of the actual residents of Kaulapapa Settlement are far less talked about than you would expect.

Kaho‘olawe Trip

Submitted by Jenna Lo

As a Native Hawaiian born and raised in Hawai‘i, little did I know that in the year 2012 would turn out to be the most edifying year for me to learn about my heritage. I met influential people that would contribute to my journey of growth as well as an experience to a place where I would have never thought I would venture to.
I decided to become more serious about finding a way to learn about my Native Hawaiian heritage. I’ve always wanted to indulge myself with more knowledge but didn’t have the means to and didn’t know where to start. So I decided to seek out, to see if there was a Hawaiian Club at Leeward Community College by asking my counselor, Joy Lane, and various other people at the Halau. I found out that there was, and its name is Kahiau Hawaiian Club. After being informed that there was one, I joined the club as an official member and little did I know but it was the beginning of my endeavor of going to the island of Kaho‘olawe.

Unconventional Fun

Compiled by: Leimaile Guerrero, Martinea Trippett, Austin Coen

Food Challenges

Writer: Austin Coen   
Photographers: Austin Coen and Joel Gaspar    

How much food can you handle? We thought we could handle a lot until we tackled some of the famous food challenges on the island. There are more challenges such as The Larry, a $11+ shave ice at Shimazu Store in Liliha. But we ran out of stomach room for that one.

This summer, take on these if you dare. And send us your photos of what you defeated or what food defeated you. We’ll post it online at

Broaden Your Food Palate

Text and photos by Joel Gaspar and Martinea Trippett

There are hundreds of eateries across the island and many offer unique dishes that are worth trying. Our food spots cover a diverse range of old and new restaurants, some are hole-in-the-wall and some are ethnic. Never had Indian or Middle Eastern food? We have recommendations for those. Looking for Latin cuisine in Wai‘anae? We found one for you. Eat something new this summer and broaden your food palate.

Party Etiquette

Writer: Martinea Trippett
Illustrator: Wilem Viloria



Always know The Plan
Always know where your group is going, at what times, with whom, and what time you’re all heading home. This may sound like a party damper, but trust me, you’ll want to have points of orientation for when someone goes M.I.A. a phone is lost, a fight breaks out, or any other crisis occurs. Make sure phones are charged, numbers are exchanged, and everyone is informed to ensure a great time.

Homesters Guide to Life

Writer: Jessie McGeary

There are those that spend their free time scaling the ever captivating mountains, those that rip around turns at full speed in their sports cars, or those that thrive in the night scene and go out to clubs or parties routinely. And then there are those of us who are too lazy to get out or rather just enjoy the comfort of being at home. But with so much time on your hands at home, what is there to do with it?

Swimming Challenge

Writer: Michael Connolly
Photographer: Austin Coen

One way to enhance your appearance and physical abilities is by completing this Swimming Challenge twice a week over the summer. This challenge is to motivate all levels of swimmers and encourage regular exercise. The more exertion you put into the challenge the quicker your times improve. A watch is required to time yourself and keep track of your times. You may do the described strokes in any order but complete all strokes as fast as possible. If needed, you may rest.

Cook It Yourself

Writer and photographer: Martinea Trippett

Coconut Crusted Chicken

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
4 eggs
4 cups all purpose flour
1 package sweetened coconut flakes
Olive oil

Campus Fashion


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