Summer 2012 Issue

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New Way to Communicate

Writer: Suzette Farnum

The iPad is not just for convenience or fun. It’s more than checking Facebook accounts, accessing the Internet, and playing games.
For some, the iPad is crucial to their everyday functioning. Parents and schools have found iPad apps that help special needs individuals to communicate and learn. One such child is Cole in Pearl City. Cole, who is 5 years old, is diagnosed with autism and is essentially nonverbal.

Observatory Event Planned for Venus

The planet Venus, the fiery goddess planet that shines brightly every night against the darken veil of the night sky will perform something magnificent on June 5.

E-textbooks provide another option

Writer: Leimaile Guerrero  
Photographer: Joel Gaspar

The modern classroom is filled with technologies to help students learn in more innovative ways. For students, the most practical of these may be the expanding collection of e-textbooks. More cost effective, portable and compact, students are now able to access electronic versions of textbooks from anywhere with a mobile device, laptop, tablet, or computer.

Accreditation Visit Set for Fall 2012

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges will visit Leeward Community College from Oct. 15 to 18.
The accreditation team examines every aspect of the college and its programs. Receiving accreditation means the college is meeting its mission in serving its students. It also means students at the college are eligible for federal financial aid, and their credits and degrees are valid.

Recognition for Students

Keokolo Akina was recently named the college’s Student Employee of the Year. Akina helped launch the intramural sports program last fall semester and has run the program since. Intramural sports has allowed students to compete against other Leeward Community College and University of Hawaii system students in sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, and flag football.  

Dalai Lama Educates the Heart

Writer: Amanda Barr

There was an atmosphere of quiet expectation and restless excitement which became apparent when a man with a shaved head wearing a red robe and sandals came on stage to plump the pillow on the chair and set out a water bottle on a side table.
Was it him?

Long Overdue

Writer: Keokolo Akina

When is UH West O‘ahu really going to open?
That question has been asked constantly with the anticipation of a brand new University of Hawai‘i campus opening up on the Leeward side of O‘ahu.
And the long awaited answer is: three more months.

2012 Commencement

Photos from Leeward Community College's 2012 commencement ceremony on Friday. Taken by Chelsey Dale and Ka Mana'o staff.


Search early for employment

Writer: Sazza Self

Summer is usually thought of as a time of relaxation and rest, but there are many students who are looking to acquire a summer job to keep busy and make extra money. Seasonal or summer jobs are available for students looking to work over the next few months.

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