Spring 2016

Athleisure Wear: Rules of the Game

by Melany McAngus


    There is a new fashion movement that has made it even more socially acceptable to wear sweats and yoga pants in public, even at work, and it’s called athleisure. Athleisure is defined as activewear merged with casual or dressy attire to create a sport-chic look. Since this phrase was coined in 2014, the trend has rapidly gained popularity with no signs of stopping.

Hair Health: Make everyday a good hair day

Movie Review: "Malcolm X"

by Alex Sabalburo

photo courtesy of "The Estate of Malcolm X"


Rating: 4/4 stars


In 1992, writer and director Spike Lee brought infamous minister and human rights activist Malcolm X to life, and, in one of the most underrated films in movie history, "Malcolm X" uses top notch acting and directing to create a movie worth watching.

Movie Review: "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"

by Katlyn Overtree

photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Publicity


Rating: 1/4 stars


As an adaptation to the series' first book, "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" has an interesting concept, but is surprisingly forgettable in its presentation and characters.

DLC Culture: Full price and half the content

by Gerick-Cj Banga

Illustration by Russell Tolentino


Downloadable content (DLC). The integrity of what was once seen as a surefire method for companies to expand gameplay content has been called into question.

Print/Film: Dead?

by Nate Jaramillo
Illustration by Nicholas Jones

    While the echoes of the infamous film-versus-digital arguments can still be heard in Hawai‘i, what sounds ancient and inane might be the debate itself.

White in Hawaii


By Nate Jaramillo

Photos by Melany McAngus 


White privilege is often dismissed in Hawai‘i, due to the state’s racial composition but it is still something many residents face. While white people may experience discrimination in Hawaii, there is no system in power keeping them down sociopolitically or economically.

When Voices Meet


By Chance Nakazato

Photos courtesy of the Peace Train Project


People often consider music to be a universal language, and no one knows this better than Peace Train project co-founder Sharon Katz, who helped form the world’s first 500-person, multicultural and multilingual choir.

Celebrating Citrus


By Coe Snyder
Photos by Marcel Saragena



Granitas (granita siciliana) are a frozen dessert that originated from Sicily. They are a frozen, shaved mixture of water, sugar and assorted flavors. The texture varies based on how it is frozen and scraped, and range from very smooth to very chunky. Granitas are great as desserts, palate cleansers or cool, refreshing snacks. Although the process to make them remains the same, granita flavors include citrus, fruit, coffee and tea.


Dog Therapy: Fury Friends Bring Happiness

By Kaitlyn Lankford
Photos by Aaron Pila

Some say that dogs are man’s best friend. This is most true when dogs like five-year-old golden retriever JJ act as licensed therapists.


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