Spring 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road - Fleeing the Patriarchy in Style

Writer: Tyla Smith

Trailer courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Images courtesy of Google images


George Miller’s most recent installment into the Mad Max movie franchise is “Mad Max: Fury Road,” a literal thrill ride in a post-apocalyptic world that does not stop. A sharply cut, visually appealing film, it borders on being wacky and a bit over the top, but if the world is coming to an end, it would be with women fleeing the patriarchy—and more importantly, a mutated man riding in style with a guitar player who shoots flames out of his instrument.


Streetlight Cadence: Summertime

Video courtesy of Soul Sessions USA

Article by: Chance Nakazato

***Article written in Fall 2014***

Streetlight Cadence began in the busy streets of Waikiki featuring alternative indie folk pop and unconventional instrumentation, attracting people of all ages to appreciate their music on and off the streets.

Interstellar, Christopher Nolan Doesn't Dissapoint

Writer: Alex Sabalburo

Trailer courtesy of Warner Bros.

Rating: 4/4 Stars

Christopher Nolan, director of "The Dark Knight" trilogy and "Inception" did not disappoint with his newest film, "Interstellar", taking us on an incredible journey through space.

Spring Fashion: 2015

Writer: Jasmine Bautista 

Photographer: Marcel Saragena 

#luckyweliveinhi has never been a truer hashtag. Winter was never a problem in Hawai’i but it doesn’t hurt to participate in this year’s spring trends.


Retro-Shopping made easy: Modcloth a website for the whimsical


Writer: Tyla Smith 

Images courtesy of Modcloth.com

Model: Alexandra Marie


ModCloth is a website that prides itself on selling retro, vintage and unique clothes and accessories for women.

Free your inner hipster: Urban Outfitters is calling

Writer: Jasmine Bautista

Photographer: Marcel Saragena 

Urban Outfitters joins H&M and Anthropologie as part of the many mainland stores that finally made its home to Hawai’i.

Leeward Students Speak Out Against Thirty Meter Telescope


Writer: Chance Nakazato

Photographer: Marcel Saragena


On April 13, Leeward CC students continued their on campus protests of the recent Mauna Kea telescope proposal through sign waving and the raising of awareness. Aika Makaula and Momoa Reinhardt were two students who shared their perspectives on the “Protect Mauna Kea” movement and its recent protests, statewide and throughout the world.

Makaula was proud of the fact that people not only in Hawaii but all over the world are doing their part to challenge the construction of the proposed telescope.

Theatre Renovations


Writer: Chance Nakazato

Photographer: Cara Ahn


Renovations towards the campus theatre will allow Leeward to continue providing a cultured and creative atmosphere to the community.

Franalyn Galiza helps organize a fight against UH degree cuts


Writer: Tyla Smith


When former Leeward Community College student and New Student Orientation coordinator assistant Franalyn Galiza found out that the University of Hawaii was planning to eliminate degree programs to help cut the budget, she decided to act and managed to rally over 300 testimonies to go against the proposed HB 555.


Leeward CC Fitness Trail

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