Spring 2014

"Typeepee," A Quest to Restore a Man's Penis

By Tyla Smith

Robots, nuns, cupid strippers, a broken sex god, penis traps, and desperate virgins are just the outer layer of the Leeward Community College theatre production of “Typeepee.” The play, which continues this Friday and Saturday, takes viewers on a sexual romp through gender stereotypes, out-dated religious thought, college sexual expectations and the colonization of Hawai’i.

Terrible Trends

Short shorts

A normally cute and comfortable staple piece is now being branded as infamous by today’s fashionistas. Why is something that is originally supposed to cool you down against hot humidity disliked by some? You guessed it! The nickname, “Short Shorts” isn’t exaggerated.

Spring Fashion 2014

Model: Alana Laheney

Job Fair returns Wednesday

The 11th annual Career, College, and Job Fair is returning to Leeward Community College Wednesday, April 9 from 9 a.m. to noon in the concourse and Eucalyptus Courtyard. More than 70 employers and 30 colleges will be here to help students reach their educational and professional goals.

10 years and going for Kawaii Kon

By Jasmine Bautista

Hawaii’s very own anime convention, Kawaii Kon, will once again be hosted at the Hawaii Convention Center this Friday through Sunday. It’s a yearly three-day spring event that brings awareness and appreciation to Japanese animation.

To Your Credit


Dear Mitzy

Will Hawaii Join the Joint?

By Elijah Yamauchi | Photo by Jesse Butcher

With the legalization of marijuana in the states of Washington and Colorado, people can start reconsidering whether pot really is only for radical hippies. The prospect of legalizing the use of marijuana has certainly elicited a number of opinions.

Occupation Palestine

By Tyla Smith

On Sawsan Ahmed’s asylum papers it reads “without a home.”

What the Doctor Ordered: Education or Addiction?

By Jessie McGeary  |  Photo by Jesse Butcher

With the exceptional amount of stress and responsibilities a college student has, it is not a wonder why so many students turn to vices to get them through their days. Coffee and energy drinks are among the most widely used, though with access to other things, some students turn to more touchy sources of energy.

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