Spring 2012 Issue

Hip-hop events weekly

Writer: Jason Oliveros
Photographer: S'meta

An island in the middle of the Pacific is probably the last place you would expect to find a large following to hip-hop. Yet here on Oahu, there exists a rather large and diverse community of people who have coordinated and put on hip-hop events going down every week.

Gensen Rabacal: Ukulele one of his many talents

Writer: Suzette Farnum

Photographer: Ethan Hubbard

If you want to hear beautiful music as well as get to know a fantastic person, Gensen Rabacal is the man you want to meet.

Projecting Aloha

Writer: Leimaile Guerrero

Through Project Aloha, Michael Paz strives to spread aloha to the world. A local boy from Wahiawa, Paz firmly believes “you can never have too much aloha”. His concept plays on the word project.

“(It) was not meant to be pronounced like you would say science project, but more like when you project your voice,” Paz explained. “You can project happiness or simply project aloha

Waianae Art

Mailing tubes can appear rather boring and gray.

Mike Izon: Setback returned him to music

Mike Izon

Writer: Dahvontae Elzey
Photographer: Azure Ng

The life of a musical artist always seems so glamorous on television. However, many of those artists faced incredibly damaging hardships.

Mike Izon, a past student of Leeward Community College, has managed to make his lifelong aspirations a reality despite various life obstacles. Izon grew up in Whitmore in a home flooded with great music and two parents who instilled an everlasting passion for music into their young son.

TTYM: Band racking up awards, hits

TTYM Performance

Writer: Matthew Schultz

Photographer: Brandon Hicks

To the people at Leeward Community College, Christian Bautista may look like an average student. However, this student doesn’t just take classes.

He’s also the drummer in the local band Talk To You Music. Inspired by local/homegrown bands such as Natural Vibrations, Fiji, and the Green, TTYM plays a soulful blend of R & B and progressive reggae music. In addition to their original songs, they put their own spin on tracks by artists such as Bruno Mars, the Kings of Leon, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Jason Mraz, and Jack Johnson.

Shaun Castro: Creating art with a message

Shaun Castro

Writer: Leimaile Guerrero
Photographer: Joel Gaspar


Shaun Castro is an artist with a purpose. A former Leeward student, Castro believes that art should carry a meaning that is special to the artist. His projects are meant to “provoke and challenge people to love others”.

Vinny Begg: Theatre class led to Hawaii Five-O'

Vinny Begg

Writer: Missy Trippett
Photographer: Joel Gaspar


Vinny Begg is a former Leeward Community College student who landed himself a spot on “Hawaii Five-O.” After a career in the military, a few semesters of college, he had a stint as a criminal on the CBS hit show. After playing a Yakuza gangster that went to prison, he sat down with Ka Mana’o for a little Q&A.

Kings of Kaukau: Indulgence kingdom on YouTube

Kings of Kaukau

Writer: Missy Trippett

Things are winding down at Oahu’s monthly Eat the Street event;  “sold out” signs are scattered across the menus of nearly every truck, and sluggish event goers are milling about, fighting off the inevitable kanak attack that follows a great meal.

Overcoming obstacles

Writer: Suzette Farnum

Photographer: Joel Gaspar

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