Fall 2012 Issue

A beginner's survival guide to Hawaii's hikes

Writer and photographer: Joel Gaspar

Hiking in Hawaii can be an awe-inspiring experience. There are trails on Oahu that are unique from the rest of the world. You can hike through tropical rainforests with some of Hawaii’s native plants brushing upon your shoulders, or hike 3,000 feet in elevation and be rewarded with scenic views of a vast ocean and glorious mountain ranges. This guide will feature tips in preparing for a hike and spotlighting some well-known hikes so you’ll know what to expect.


Every semester, Leeward Community College welcomes a vast amount of new students and even new faculty to its Pearl City and Wai‘anae campuses.

In the last year, there have been many changes to the college such as the construction of the new Learning Commons, the arrival of Subway sandwiches in the café, and the start of construction for the new Associate of Arts in Teaching building.

For new and even returning students, college life can be a bit of challenge. Despite everything that has prepared you for this day, you may still feel hesitant. To ease those uncertainties, we asked students and faculty to share their insights, knowledge, and experiences of college life.

Think of it as a one-of-a-kind college survival guide. So whether you are a new student or a returning student, this will hopefully assist you in your academic journey here at Leeward — Compiled by Leilani Ahina and Cody Enriques

Master the Disaster

Writer: Leimaile Guerrero
Illustrator: Joel Gaspar

With hurricane season in full swing, rumors of the world ending this coming December, and a zombie invasion looming in the shadows, who could help themselves from stocking up on an outrageous amount of food, building an underground safe room, and hoarding a secret stash of medical supplies and weapons?  
Maybe we all can’t  have the luxury of such a vivid imagination and money for endless supplies and land, but an emergency kit would be the most logical choice.

Netlfix Picks

Writer: Andrew Outwater

How Pinteresting!

Writer: Missy Trippett
Pinterest is a social networking site where users can share or “pin” images that interest and inspire from around the Internet.
Developed in 2009 and launched to Beta in 2010, Pinterest has reached the 10-million member mark faster than any other social media site and is still being noted as the fastest growing social networking site.

Can rail unite the island?

Writer: Amanda Barr
Illustrator: Joel Gaspar

Lately, the hot debate on O‘ahu has been on whether or not the rail is a good solution for some of the problems that we are facing, such as traffic, pollution, transportation and convenience. After spending four weeks in London over the summer, with no choice but to travel via public transportation (an interesting conglomeration of above ground trains, the underground and buses), I have to say that it became one of my favorite parts of being in London.

How do people view Americans?

Writer: Amanda Barr

In light of the summer Olympics, national pride is at a premium, but when I went to London for a four week summer study abroad program, all I could think about was trying not to appear to be a typical American- or  whatever that was.

New furniture, rules for student lounge

The student lounge a place for indoor entertainment, recreation and a hangout spot for students who want to unwind. It was busy and noisy.
However, the furniture in there was worn from use.

New degree in Hawaiian studies

Writer: Sazza Koirala Self

An Associate in Arts degree in Hawaiian studies is now available at Leeward Community College as well as all seven community colleges in the University of Hawai‘i system beginning this fall.  
This decision was made after an A.A. in Hawaiian studies received unanimous approval as a provisional degree at the UH Board of Regents meeting held on May 17. This is the first time a degree was approved for all community colleges of the UH system.

Leading the way: Imper starts second term as president

Writer: Sazza Koirala Self

Leeward Community College’s student government is a union of students who work to represent the interests of the students.  It also organizes different extracurricular activities on and off campus, and holds meetings with faculty and administrators to address students’ concerns and make their voices heard on campus.  The primary responsibility of the student government president  is to organize, plan, and coordinate different workshops, meetings, and activities .  

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