Fall 2011 Issue

Back to school

Student Showcase: Lono Willis


Submitted by Tiana Javier

In My Own World

Submitted by Keren Habal

I had a dream last night
I dreamt the world was a better place
And as I slept and slept

Student Showcase: Robert Pascua

Student Showcase: Carlo Cayetano

Student Showcase: Jesse Davis

Student Showcase: Vanessa Goze

Title: President Barack Obama
“I drew this in honor of him bringing  change to the U.S. and being the first African-American president.”

Horiuchiʻs Fried Noodles

Submitted by Letitia Lavoie

I have yet to come across any place that comes close to the best-fried noodles I have ever tasted in my life. My parents and grandparents would often take my older sister, my brother, who was too young to remember, and me to a place on Depot Road in Waipahu located directly across what used to be the entrance of the O‘ahu Sugar Mill Plantation.

I Don't Want to Go

Submitted by Melissa Fritz

I could feel the force of the jet engines below me.  Sitting at a stand still, the plane started to pick up speed. The force from the engines pushed my head against the back of the seat. Suddenly, I felt the bottom of the ground fall from below, and we were airborne. This was my first time on a plane, and it was taking me three thousand miles over the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. When I was a little girl, I remember thinking to myself, “I will never get to go anywhere like Hawaii”, well, here I was, on my way with no return ticket.

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