Emotional conclusion to Potter series

By Andrew Outwater
Staff Writer

There are often times when it seems giving a review is trivial. No matter what somebody writes about certain movies, people are going to see it anyway. Such is true with the Harry Potter franchise. If you’ve been following the series, chances are you’ve either already seen “The Deathly Hallows Part 2,” or are going to whether or not I say it’s any good.

'Transformers 3' great in 3-D, story still 1-D

By Andrew Outwater
Staff Writer

To start this review off, I enjoyed the first “Transformers.” It was a stupid, but fun introduction to what could have been a great franchise or a solid stand-alone film.

Then “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” came out and just sucked every bit of life out of me for close to three hours. As I explain here, I absolutely loathed the second movie. It later was said that the second film was during the writers’ strike, and they didn’t have much of a script to go off of. Michael Bay is not a storyteller (much less a creative thinker in terms of story), so having him come up with stuff on set off the top of his head would explain why it sucked so much.

Subway arrives

Text and photos by Joel Gaspar
Graphic Designer 

If you’ve been a nine-year Leeward Community College student like myself, then you know how much our campus has been missing out on the nocampus-affiliated eateries. University of Hawai'i at Manoa has its Starbucks, Ba-Le, and Jamba Juice. Honolulu Community College has its food trucks and Kapi'olani Community College has Subway. 


Offices continue to operate over summer

By Sazza Koirala
Staff Writer

Summer is thought to be the time for relaxation for a majority of students. However, classes are still offered for the motivated and adventurous, and many Leeward Community College student offices and services continue to operate — though with shorter hours.

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