Preview: "A Dark and Stormy Knight"

by Echo Canaday 

photo courtesy Leeward Theatre

    This weekend, the Leeward Theatre opens “A Dark and Stormy Knight.”

Theatre Renovations


Writer: Chance Nakazato

Photographer: Cara Ahn


Renovations towards the campus theatre will allow Leeward to continue providing a cultured and creative atmosphere to the community.

Students tackle Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus

Writer: Tyla Smith

Photo courtesy of The Leeward Theatre


“Be a charitable murderer”


Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedy makes its way to the Leeward Community College lab theatre from April 9 to 18 and it’s going to be absolute carnage.


“Clockwork — Family Friendly Fractured Fairytales”


Writer: Chance Nakazato

Photographers: Melany Mcangus and Elijah Qalo


The most recent production of Leeward Community College’s Theatre program: “Clockwork — Family Friendly Fractured Fairytales” is a comedy written by Kemuel DeMoville and directed by the theatre’s own professor, Betty Burdick.


'Xenophobia' play showcases social fears


Article and photos by Daiana Aponte


Xenophobia is the unreasoned fear of that which might be perceived as foreign or strange.


Review: Clockwork Cuties

Writer: Jasmine Bautista
Photographer: Benjamin Gilbert

It’s a show where the cast have been “grinding their gears all summer for you."



Expect the Unexpected from 'Clockwork Cuties'

Writer: Jasmine Bautista
Photos by Benjamin Gilbert 

“Spicy,” “fabulous,” “unfathomable,” and a straight up “whoa” are only a few of the words used to describe Leeward’s Theatre’s new and upcoming show — “The Clockwork Cuties Revue.”

"Typeepee," A Quest to Restore a Man's Penis

By Tyla Smith

Robots, nuns, cupid strippers, a broken sex god, penis traps, and desperate virgins are just the outer layer of the Leeward Community College theatre production of “Typeepee.” The play, which continues this Friday and Saturday, takes viewers on a sexual romp through gender stereotypes, out-dated religious thought, college sexual expectations and the colonization of Hawai’i.

Rhythmic Circus brings dancing feet to Leeward


Writer: Larry Medina

This Saturday, “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” performed by the Rhythmic Circus opens for one night only at the Leeward Community College Theatre.

LGBT play hits emotions

Writer: Jessie McGeary
Photographers: Jesse Butcher and Khristine Mina

The premier night of “Yes, I Am: Leeward Edition” brought together an incredible group of students, family and friends to experience life through another person’s eyes. Through tears, laughter, and countless raw moments the cast taught the audience that “Love is love”.

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