Hikes on both sides of the Ko‘olau


By Rawley Riccio and Marcel Saragena


Maunawili Falls 


Located on O’ahu’s Windward side is the popular hike, Maunawili Falls. The start of the hike is in a residential area with street parking located at the end of Maunawili road. With many roots exposed from the ground, rocks, and a few stream crossings, the trail is moderately difficult. Being about three miles long it can take anywhere from two to four hours to complete. At the end of the trail is a waterfall frequented by locals and visitors alike. Some daring individuals will climb up and even jump into the pool at the base of the falls.

#luckyweliveHI: Pali Hikes

Article and photos by Melany McAngus


The Windward side of the island is the best place to go for mountainous views, saturated green landscapes, and hidden waterfalls. You just have to know where to look. A good place to start is along Pali Hwy. The Pali is littered with some of the best hiking trails on the island. Due to the heavy rainfall that comes with the mountainous area, these trails are the epitome of the lush foliage, vibrant flowers and gushing waterfalls associated with living in paradise.  

Short, Sweet, and to the Lookout Point


article and photos by Melany McAngus

Hawai‘i is full of beautiful landscapes, lush foliage and picturesque scenes that make it the prime location for those seeking adventure in the great outdoors. Some hikes takes longer than others, and some days just call for a shorter trail. For those who may be novice hikers or aren’t looking to expend too much energy for the ‘gram, here are some mini hikes (30-40 minutes) that offer instant gratification and some outstanding, panoramic views.

Strength, Beauty and Grace: Fit For a Goddess Studio

by Jessie McGeary
photos by Marcel Saragena
“Hello Beautiful” — the two words gracing the doorway in a room full of neon lights and reflections of towering poles. This is the Fit For a Goddess (FFG) dance studio, where women can express themselves and build their self-identity through one of the most modern and unique fitness activities: pole dancing.

Wacky Sports


Writer: Ryan Sims 

Photography by Almendro Fernandez 


Balls were flying and pool noodles were flopping in the air as players ran back and forth, trying to gain the upper hand. This past semester, students at Leeward may have witnessed an odd spectacle as peers ran across Tuthill courtyard throwing rubber balls into upright hoops.


The Costco Diet

Writer: Keahi Selhorst

Only three food groups exist for college students: Top Ramen, cereal, and coffee. Although most students might want to improve this diet, they have little knowledge of how to do it. The Costco Diet is an idea that eating healthy can be done without spending too much.

IM Lee Sports


Writer: Tyla Smith

Photographer: Elisha Qalo

Interviewee: Lisiti Tino, IM Lee Sports


How has this semester with IM Lee Sports been going?

This semester for IMLeesSports has been hectic but fun. First time doing our own leagues so we had to deal with everything from meetings with players to aiding them on the field when injured or (refereeing) them. We were with the players from start to finish with all the games. Even the other campuses as well such as Honolulu and Kapiolani.


IM LeeSports Engages Students

By: Keahi Selhorst
Photo by Matt Hirata

The life of a community college student differs from students who attend major university campuses. Leeward Community College doesn’t have fraternities and dormitories which surround campuses typically found on the mainland. But we do have one thing that almost every major school participates in, and that’s Intramural Sports.

Mean Green Machine

Story and images by Keahi Selhorst

We are obsessed with food. Take a look at your various social media applications and count the food posts. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Explore & Expose: Hiking in Hawaii

Article and photos by Joel Gaspar

Hiking in Hawai’i can be an awe-inspiring experience. There are trails on O’ahu that are unique from the rest of the world. You can hike through tropical rainforests experiencing native plants brushing your shoulders. To reach majestic waterfalls you jump rocks and cross streams. You can hike 3,000 feet in elevation to be rewarded with scenic views of a vast ocean and glorious mountain ranges. This section will feature several easy hikes along with tips to prepare for your adventure.

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