UH women's volleyball

Ka Mana‘o photographer Matthew Hirata shot photos of this weekend's Chevron Rainbow Wahine Invitational. Below are some photos from the Stan Sheriff Center. Click here for more photos.



Student Showcase: Lono Willis

Student Showcase: Robert Pascua

Student Showcase: Carlo Cayetano

Student Showcase: Jesse Davis

Summer sessions

Photographer: Paul Topp

European vacation

Ka Mana‘o photographer Brandon Hicks spent his summer traveling in Europe. Presented are his images and descriptions of the trip.

Student Showcase: Olivia Bouyear

Photos by Olivia Bouyear. Big waves. Taken the night of set up for the Eddie Aikau 2011 was done. A friend and I drove out to see the massive waves that were coming in. Perfect night for shooting at night with the full moon.

Student Showcase: Robert Pascua

Photos by Robert Pascua. A bodyboarder catches a wave while a turtle cruises beneath the wave.




Title: Silhouette
Name: Jesse O. Davis
Major: Liberal Arts
Medium: Digital photography

Artist Statement: As most artist’s my inspiration comes from the world around me as well as everyday life. I try to find things that may seem mundane and show them in a different light as the beautiful objects they are. "Silhouette" was a picture of opportunity, taking a new perspective on everyday things.

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