International education management intern organizes language exchange sessions

by Nate Jaramillo

photo by Marcel Saragena


On Sept. 21, Leeward Office of International Programs intern and graduate student of international education management at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey Hannah Unher organized and held the first session of Talk Talk, conversational sessions focused around different topics each week.

Hawaiian Premier of Internationally Acclaimed “Frangipani Perfume”

Frangipani Perfume cast members Doris Tulifau (Naiki), Kiana Rivera (Pomu), and Mane (Tivi)

by Echo Canaday    



This Thursday, the Leeward Lab Theatre hosted the Hawai’i premiere of Makerita Urale’s acclaimed play “Frangipani Perfume,” directed by Ashley DeMoville. The play has garnered international attention for its dynamic approach to characterization, startling wit, and inventive juxtaposition of fantasy, memory and reality. The play’s themes challenge Western stereotypes of Polynesian women and address the struggles of immigrant women in New Zealand. Though the piece may be off-putting to audiences unaccustomed to theatrical conventions like the use of miming as opposed to physical props, and the use of lighting to indicate changes in time, place, or perspective, the Leeward Theatre produced this play with simplicity and style.

Amazing Comic Con AKA The Stan Lee Comic Con


by Ka Mana'o Staff


     The Amazing Comic Con will be in Hawai‘i for the first time this weekend, starting on Friday at 3 p.m.. Featuring a well-known ensemble of industry professionals who specialize and lead the comic book world, this convention has a lot to offer the casual consumer of pop culture and diehard comic book fans.


Break the Silence

Fringe Festival takes over Valentine's Day Weekend

Writer: Coe Snyder

Would you like to do something new and exciting this Valentine’s weekend? The Fringe Festival is your opportunity to do so. If you are a fan of live art shows or are curious about an art form, this is the chance to experience the magic of live performance. At only $10 a show, it is worth checking out.

Pacific Ink & Art Expo

Writer and photographer: Caylin Franchey

The busy buzzing of tattoo machines, swift tapping of the moli (traditional Hawaiian tattoo tool), and the strong scent of green soap overwhelmed the senses at the Pacific Ink & Art Expo.

Alice offers a sexy peek ʻThrough the Looking Glassʻ

Writer: Tyla Smith
Photos courtesy of AJ Jaeger

If a hilarious, sultry romp through the bar hopping scene is something that tickles your fancy then take a trip to Mark’s Garage in Chinatown to watch Cherry Blossom Cabaret’s production of “Alice in Chinatown: Through the Looking Glass.”

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