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Dear Mitzy

Kaho‘olawe Trip

Submitted by Jenna Lo

As a Native Hawaiian born and raised in Hawai‘i, little did I know that in the year 2012 would turn out to be the most edifying year for me to learn about my heritage. I met influential people that would contribute to my journey of growth as well as an experience to a place where I would have never thought I would venture to.
I decided to become more serious about finding a way to learn about my Native Hawaiian heritage. I’ve always wanted to indulge myself with more knowledge but didn’t have the means to and didn’t know where to start. So I decided to seek out, to see if there was a Hawaiian Club at Leeward Community College by asking my counselor, Joy Lane, and various other people at the Halau. I found out that there was, and its name is Kahiau Hawaiian Club. After being informed that there was one, I joined the club as an official member and little did I know but it was the beginning of my endeavor of going to the island of Kaho‘olawe.

Horiuchiʻs Fried Noodles

Submitted by Letitia Lavoie

I have yet to come across any place that comes close to the best-fried noodles I have ever tasted in my life. My parents and grandparents would often take my older sister, my brother, who was too young to remember, and me to a place on Depot Road in Waipahu located directly across what used to be the entrance of the O‘ahu Sugar Mill Plantation.

I Don't Want to Go

Submitted by Melissa Fritz

I could feel the force of the jet engines below me.  Sitting at a stand still, the plane started to pick up speed. The force from the engines pushed my head against the back of the seat. Suddenly, I felt the bottom of the ground fall from below, and we were airborne. This was my first time on a plane, and it was taking me three thousand miles over the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. When I was a little girl, I remember thinking to myself, “I will never get to go anywhere like Hawaii”, well, here I was, on my way with no return ticket.

My last church jeepney ride

Submitted by Phoebe Mendoza

On one sultry afternoon, my mom and I waited eagerly for the church-owned jeepney to pick us up. I was in my room combing my hair, and I can still remember how I smirked in front of the mirror and told myself that it would’ve been better if I were to be dropped off at my cousin’s place to hang out. Moments later, my mom told me to hurry up, and soon enough I could hear the jeep engine make noises outside of our house. I was only thirteen years old and the word “fun” didn't include this church event. I dragged myself out of my room and walked reluctantly towards the jeep.

It’s Not Always About Me by Elizabeth K. Alakai

It was the first morning in the two and a half years I had been working at Stoney’s Market that eight o’clock came and went without the punctual arrival of Mrs. Appleby. As the minutes ticked by I was surprised to realize I was feeling worried. I would have thought I’d be thrilled to have a day off from her sour face, but instead I found myself glancing at the door every couple of minutes, my imagination conjuring up all manner of dire scenarios. What could have happened to keep her from her rigid routine?

Hardships By Franalyn Galiza

I never knew how hard life could be until my immigrant parents spoke about their lives back in the Philippines. Morning began at 5 a.m. Get up, wash your face and brush your teeth. Go to your backyard and feed enough animals to fit into Noah's ark. Come home and wash up to prepare breakfast for what seems like a whole village. Then get ready to go to school knowing that you'd have to walk half a mile. After school, tired and ready to sleep, get home, check on the animals, clean up the house, prepare to cook for dinner. As night dawns, water our field of crops, vegetables and fruits. Once that's all done, it's time for bed, but in a few hours, it's time to do it all over again.

In Defense Of Education By Richie Mendoza Biluan

LCC. Last Chance College. We've all heard it. We all hate it. What institution snobs might not realize off-hand is that for some folks it's a first chance at college. First, second, last, or whatever attempt it may be at obtaining a higher education, what’s important is that our futures have a good chance. Even with this notion, we shouldn’t leave the quality of our education up to chances. Unfortunately, the circumstances present themselves to be much worse. Without immediate action, we are leaving the quality of our education and essentially the potential of our futures to the wrath of poor decisions.

Life's Ride By: Ashley Stacy-Aragon

Nothing in this world is perfect, especially life itself. Life can be a roller coaster ride as we go throughout each day. Our lives are like the roller coaster tracks. Just when you hit the top you quickly meet the bottom, with those startling drops and turns. We must stay on track to seek every opportunity life has to offer to us. Although, sometimes we get lost along the extreme ride and feel as if we've hit rock bottom. This is when most of us feel that we've messed things up for the long run. When someone comes across these moments of his or her life they begin to remember that nothing or no one is perfect. Remember, after hitting rock bottom the only place to go on this roller coaster of life is up.

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