Pacific Island Art Festival


by Jessie McGeary


From January 20th-January 21st, Kapiolani Park was filled with an array of colors, sounds, sights and people. The 19th annual Pacific Island Art Festival brought together a collection of crafters to showcase and sell their work to the community. This year the festival hosted 65 fine artists and handcraft artisans.

Leeward Theatre presents "The Comedy of Errors"

by Rawley Riccio

photos by Marcel Saragena


Leeward Theatre’s rendition of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors was charming and entertaining. The play opens in a busy market in the ancient Greek city of Ephesus. A Syracusan merchant is on trial for trespassing in the city. The Duke of Ephesus states that the only way to escape execution is to pay a fine of one thousand marks. The merchant explains he cannot pay the fine as well as how he ended up in Ephesus, setting the stage for the rest of the play.

Gaming Genres: Rehashes Never Die

by Gerick Banga
illustrations by Matt McAngus


The gaming industry may be getting oversaturated with unoriginal content due to constant rehashing from game companies for profit. Unlike other forms of media, gaming genres can struggle with originality due to the formulaic approach some developers take to making games and the accessible tools to make the process easier like pre-made game engines.  


Leeward alum launches escape room business

by Chance Nakazato
illustration by Lily Chan

Escape rooms are adventure-style establishments where players voluntarily lock themselves in a room and use elements of said room to solve puzzles and riddles to escape within a time limit.

Pokemon Go Out on the Town

pokego logo.jpg
by Jasmine Bautista
With Apple recently confirming that “Pokemon Go” has reached 30 million downloads worldwide, it is currently the world’s biggest trend. Here’s how local businesses are capitalizing on the app:

The Year of Role Playing Games


by Gerick-CJ Banga
illustrations by Matthew McAngus


Summer: hot days, warm nights and bouts of boredom. For gamers, this is the perfect time to catch up on recent releases while they wait with anticipation for the games garnering hype. The most notable trait about these games is that they’re all role-playing games (RPG). These games feature immersive character roles with some sort of progression system such as levels or stats.

Movie Review: "Malcolm X"

by Alex Sabalburo

photo courtesy of "The Estate of Malcolm X"


Rating: 4/4 stars


In 1992, writer and director Spike Lee brought infamous minister and human rights activist Malcolm X to life, and, in one of the most underrated films in movie history, "Malcolm X" uses top notch acting and directing to create a movie worth watching.

Movie Review: "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"

by Katlyn Overtree

photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Publicity


Rating: 1/4 stars


As an adaptation to the series' first book, "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" has an interesting concept, but is surprisingly forgettable in its presentation and characters.

DLC Culture: Full price and half the content

by Gerick-Cj Banga

Illustration by Russell Tolentino


Downloadable content (DLC). The integrity of what was once seen as a surefire method for companies to expand gameplay content has been called into question.

Transgender Comedians: Robin Tran and Brandi Morgan

by Tyla Smith

photos by Marcel Saragena


Robin Tran: Wresting with stereotypes

Reminding audiences she is a triple minority — trans, lesbian and Asian American — Californian comedian Robin Tran has plenty of material to choose from.

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