Fallen Off the Eaten Path

Black Sheep Cream Co.

A quaint little ice-cream shop can be found in Waipio, near Costco and the ever-busy parking lot surrounding it. Black Sheep Ice-cream is a unique little parlor, filled with an array of different flavors to satisfy your cravings on a cold or warm day. The shop itself gives off a welcoming, vintage look to the entire room. With mostly wooden furniture, hand written signs, charming sheep themes and witty menu options give the entire atmosphere a completely unique and authentic vibe. 

Pastele Stew


Cooking in a kitchen all day long, side to side, mother Valray Jeremiah and daughter Kawena Roque work hard to create their cultural dish.  Both mother and daughter spend hours cutting the pork to its needed size.  Together, they create a dish known to be pastele stew.  Pastele stew derives from the Puerto Rican culture, using pork as its main meat more times than not.  This delicacy should be enjoyed by all, not only because of the cultural meaning behind it, but also due to its explosion of flavor and texture.

Off the Eaten Path: Da Boba Place


by Mason Laikupu, Wesley Newhouse and Marcel Saragena
photo by Wesley Newhouse


Having opened in March 2017 at the Aiea Shopping Center, Da Boba Place provides a much-needed means of refreshment during hotter times of the year, though, ice cream rolls and bubble tea are perfect treats for any time of the year for anyone with a sweet tooth.  Da Boba Place is a wonderful place to stop at for folks of all ages, from the elderly to children.

Off The Eaten Path: Keep on Truckin’


article and photos by Melany McAngus


Food trucks are a local staple and with a new wave of food trucks, there are some new and interesting alternatives to the classic plate lunch. Spurred on by events such as Eat the Street and HNL Night Market, along with the renovation of the Old Fisherman’s Wharf into bonafide food truck park Makers & Tasters, a new scene has been created for food enthusiasts eager to try these truck’s inventive creations. These trucks have mastered their niche specialties and are definitely worth trying.

Yogurt Two Ways


by Coe Snyder
photos by Marcel Saragena


Greek yogurt is commonly known as strained yogurt. It is yogurt that has been strained to remove its whey and is normally thicker, richer and creamier than non-strained yogurts.

The Perfect Pineapple Party


by Nathaniel Jaramillo and Melany McAngus
photos by Melany McAngus and Megan Ridings


Summer usually means parties, whether they’re for a graduation, holiday or just on a whim. Everyone should try their hand at playing host to experience the joys of creating an atmosphere of fun and entertainment. Here are some tips to turn a summer party into the party of the year. The theme: pineapples, of course! This may sound a bit tacky, but if done correctly, a pineapple-themed party can be both festive and cool.

Off the Eaten Path: Breakfast of Champs

Article and photos by Melany McAngus


Good breakfast food is abundant in Hawai‘i. From sweet to savory, everyone has their preference of what the best breakfast food is. Here are some eateries with a wide range of delicious options to choose from.

Celebrating Citrus


By Coe Snyder
Photos by Marcel Saragena



Granitas (granita siciliana) are a frozen dessert that originated from Sicily. They are a frozen, shaved mixture of water, sugar and assorted flavors. The texture varies based on how it is frozen and scraped, and range from very smooth to very chunky. Granitas are great as desserts, palate cleansers or cool, refreshing snacks. Although the process to make them remains the same, granita flavors include citrus, fruit, coffee and tea.


Off the Eaten Path: Kaimuki

 By Melany McAngus

  For anyone living on the west side, the drive to Kaimuki is worth taking for the many delicious food options this little town has to offer. With a wide variety of ethnic cuisines and mom-and-pop shops, all located within the same one block radius, it’s almost impossible to decide on where to begin.

Recipes: French Onion Soup and Truffles

by Coe Snyder
photos by Marcel Saragena
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