Kaepernick's motive targets U.S. flag, anthem

submitted by Ikaika Nakagawa
illustration by Trina Sisomvang


Colin Kaepernick is a name not in headlines too much due to the 2016 election. But with him possibly returning to start as quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, we all have to wonder will he continue to kneel towards the United States anthem and flag.

Better Safe Than Sorry: A guide to preparing for hurricanes and other natural disasters

by Tanner Isaacs
Hawaii’s winters are always preceded by hurricane season every fall. So far, the Aloha State has managed to avoid being hit by full-fledged hurricanes in 24 years, though it has suffered the after effects of tropical storms. Even so, it’s important to be prepared in the event of a major hurricane or any other natural disaster.

Pokemon No

by Tanner Isaacs
illustration by Tanner Isaacs
Nearly everywhere I go, it’s almost inevitable to see someone staring down at his or her phone, swiping their finger across the screen attempting to catch a Bulbasaur or hear people arguing about Team Mystic, Valor, or Instinct. As a Pokemon fan, I can’t help but be baffled about the unexpectedly sweeping popularity of Pokemon GO - perhaps the greatest video game fad since “All your base are belong to us.” This sudden realization bothered me and led me to start a search for the game’s “problems.”

Mixed Plate

A compliation of random facts & opinions by Ka Mana'o staff

Unagi Travel

A company in Japan offers trips and tours for $55 or less but there’s a catch: it’s only for stuffed animals.

Print/Film: Dead?

by Nate Jaramillo
Illustration by Nicholas Jones

    While the echoes of the infamous film-versus-digital arguments can still be heard in Hawai‘i, what sounds ancient and inane might be the debate itself.

Posing Nude For Art Class

by Melany McAngus
Illustration by Trina Sisomvang

  Art 214: Introduction to Life Drawing is an intermediate-level art class offered at Leeward Community College. To study the human form, models are hired to pose nude for the artists. Professor Michael Harada, who has been teaching digital art and drawing classes at Leeward for many years, wants to extend the opportunity to pose for the class and encourages students of all body types.

There's An App For That: Online dating Apps

by Jericho Juan
Starting a new life, getting married, first anniversaries — it all starts with the first date. Dating has gone from face-to-face to screen-to-screen, and as dating websites and mobile apps have emerged, our dating habits have transformed as well.

Potential Partners Q&A: What college students look for in a significant other

by Megan Ridings & Ryan Sims
Illustration by Kaeli Giron
College can be a time of rediscovery and reinvention but it doesn’t have to be done alone. Considering how much time most students spend on campus, it’s not uncommon for some to get together.

Wishbone Wednesday

compiled by Ka Mana‘o staff

Ten Things About Leeward: Overflow Parking and LRC/Writing Center


by Tyla Smith and Nate Jaramillo

Illustration by Russell Tolentino 


Here are ten unknown or useful facts and tips about Leeward.


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