Technology Replacement Plan

Leeward CC has a plan!


By establishing consistent annual funding, Leeward CC has initiated a five year Technology Replacement Plan with the following goals:




  • Each FTE will have a computer not older than five years.
  • ITG will be responsible for bulk purchases on a twice-per-year cycle. As a result, the divisions or units will no longer purchase individual computers for their faculty/staff.
  • The replacement of computers will start with the oldest devices first.
  • The Electronic Device Assignment Agreement (one device per employee) will be in place regarles of funding; Campus or Extramural Funding.
  • Grant-funded technology will not be replaced and must be used until it is out of warranty, not supported, or dies.
  • Exceptions to Technology Replacement is possible, providing justification and approval from the Admin Team.

How does this plan work?

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Why Information Technology Group is replacing our computers?


As new technology emerges, devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.) and operating systems become obsolete.  To help protect and secure our network from data breaches, ITG must replace older machines at the end of its life.  A five-year is an appropriate replacement cycle as it matches the max amount of service warranty provided by the manufacture; Dell, or Apple. 

Our current campus inventory is 2,106 computers that include faculty, staff, and students. This amount keeps growing every semester.

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