Past Committees

An archived list of former Faculty Senate committees.

  • Fall 2016- Spring 2018 - Alternative Class Schedule (Jeremiah Boydstun & Lexer Chou, co-chairs)  Final Report
  • Policy on Curriculum Review and Revision Ad Hoc Committee (AY 2016-17, Jeremiah Boydstun, chair): Tasked to revise policy L5.201 Policy on Curriculum Review and Revision. The primary task of the committee was to determine which course syllabi information should be considered "standardized item" and thus required on all syllabi. The revised policy was approved on March 20, 2017.
  • Senate Charter ByLaws Revision Ad Hoc Committee (AY 2015-2016, Eiko Kosaka, chair)
  • Website Ad Hoc Committee (AY 2015-2016; Michael Lane, chair): Tasked to improve access to information and documentation of the Leeward CC Faculty Senate through a website.  This improved access would provide senators with a clear and reliable way to access documents both current and archived during senate meetings.  As well as serve the campus community by disseminating information about topics being discussed by the senate.