Elections Committee

Members (AY 2021-2022)

  • Matthew Egami (co-chair)
  • Igor Nikitin
  • Alyssa MacDonald (co-chair)


The Senate Faculty is made up of 22 elected members. 11 senators are elected each year to serve a two-year term. All faculty in rank C-2 or higher are eligible to be nominated for the general election. Elections are made accessible to all faculty in rank C-2 or higher and all lecturers teaching 8 credits or more at Leeward Community College.
The election period begins on the first Monday of November and ends on the following Monday by 4 pm. Elected senators will be acknowledged in a campus-wide publication no more than one week after the completion of the election. Newly elected senators will take office during the first regularly scheduled faculty senate meeting of the academic year following their election to office.


ARTICLE V. Standing Committees

SECTION 11. Elections Committee

A. Function

     1. Review and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate concerning policies and procedures relating to its electoral process.

     2. Conduct the General Faculty Senate elections.

          a. Research and verify the number of Faculty and lecturers on the roll for eligibility at the beginning of the Fall Semester.

          b. Solicit eligible faculty members to run for the Faculty Senate.

          c. Advertise/distribute a list of candidates to all Faculty members as follows: three weeks prior to election week and twice prior to election week.

     3. Conduct the Faculty Senate Executive Officers elections.

B. Membership

     1. Membership also includes appointed faculty members who shall be voting members.