Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee website lists the committee's membership, responsibilities, and contacts, and provides detailed information and guides to create or modifiy curriculum outlines.

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ARTICLE V. Standing Committees

SECTION 4. Curriculum Committee

A. Functions

     1. Review and recommend approval, revision, or rejection of proposals for new courses and modification or deletion of existing courses.

     2. Review and recommend approval, revision, or rejection of proposals for new certificate and degree programs and modification or deletion of existing programs.

     3. Support and assist faculty members in the proposal process.

     4. Recommend to the Faculty Senate all course, program, certificates, and degree proposals that have been reviewed and approved by the Curriculum Committee.

B. Stipulation: In performing these functions, the Committee shall recognize the concerns of the various disciplines and shall make no recommendations without seeking their concurrence on matters within their respective academic fields.

C. Membership

     1. Membership includes appointed faculty members representing each of the constituencies as defined in Charter, Article IV who shall be voting members.

     2 The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer, the Dean of Arts and Sciences, the Dean of Career and Technical Education, and the Registrar, or their designated representatives, shall be non-voting members.

     3. The Curriculum Support Coordinator and Web Support Specialist may serve on the Committee and shall be non-voting members.

Members (AY 2021 - 2022)

  • Maricar Apuya
  • Michael Bauer
  • Ashley Biddle
  • Darwin Bohnet
  • Roselyn Bumanglag
  • Donald Carreira Ching
  • Faustino Dagdag
  • LeeAnne Egan
  • Jiajia Garcia (Chair)
  • Anika Gearhart
  • Candace Hochstein
  • Ann Inoshita
  • John "Kalei" Laimana
  • Gregg Longanecker
  • Jennifer McFatridge
  • Erika Molyneux
  • Mellissa Moody
  • Allan Nebrija
  • Igor Niktin
  • Robert Oshita
  • Bryson Padasdao (Curriculum Support Coordinator)
  • Luca Preziati (Secretary)
  • Jean StavRue-Pe'ahi
  • Natalie Wahl
  • Susan Waldman
  • Erin Yuasa