2.1 Program Learning Outcomes: Outcomes

 This question only involves the Program Learning Outcomes. When answering this question make sure to answer the following:

What are the outcomes of the program? (Outcomes should be stated in terms of meeting student, community or State needs. Also includes Program Learning Outcomes.)

It is strongly recommended that only one measurable verb is used for each outcome. If multiple measurable action verbs apply, use the highest level Bloom's Taxonomy of the multiple verbs. You may also use the list of action words as a quick reference.

Make sure you add a period at the end of each LO.

Please view the Course Propsal Guide on how to use the Learning Outcomes gadget.

Note: Due to migration from Curriculum Central to KSCM your Program Learning Outcomes might be in BOR FIeld 2. Please move them to the correct location.

Example 1 (CA-ICS):

Example 2 (CO-BTEC):