2.8 General Information: Contact Hours Per Week

The schedule type, credits and contact hours will influence TEs. To calculate TEs feel free to use the TE Calculator. (Reference UHCC Policy 9.237)

Only use whole numbers when completing this field. Generally, students spend three hours per week in a 3-credit lecture course, four hours per week in a 4-credit lecture course. If you have lab hours in your course, usually it is three hours per 1-credit.

Double check that the Contact Hours Per Week meets the requirements for the number of credits for the course. You can also view this table to help determine the number of contact hours for the course.

Example 1 (ECON 130):

3 Lecture contact hours.

Example 2 (EE 213):

3 lecture and 3 lab contact hours per week.

Example 3 (ART 107D)