2.7 General Information: Schedule Types


Select the type of schedule that will be used for the course. Below is a table that explains the abbreviations. 

The schedule type, credits and contact hours will influence TEs. To calculate TEs feel free to use the TE Calculator. (Reference UHCC Policy 9.237)

Abbreviation Meaning
COP Cooperative Ed/Work Experience
EXM Credit by Exam
HTI Hybrid-Technology Intensive
IND Independent/Directed Study
INV Individual Instruction
LAB Laboratory
LAL Lecture & Lab Instruction
LEC Lecture
OTH Other
PRA Practicum Instruction
SHP Shop
STU Studio

This is a typeahead field that has a predefined list. Start typing the schedule type and the list will narrow. Once you see the correct schedule type select it.

When selecting schedule type it does not matter if the course is taught DE or face-to-face, the schedule type will always remain the same. For example, if you teach ENG 100 this is a LEC course if it is taught face-to-face or DE. 

Demonstrating typeahead field with letter l.

Each course can only have one schedule type. If you wish to change the schedule type click on the Trash Can and then select the desired schedule type.

Schedule type set to LEC - Lecture.