4.2 Content: Learning Outcomes

Proposers are encouraged strongly to consult their division's assessment representatives to determine if the proposed LOs are constructed appropriately.  Well constructed LOs will help expedite the proposal approval process and facilitate course assessment.

It is strongly recommended that only one measurable verb is used for each outcome. If multiple measurable action verbs apply, use the highest level Bloom's Taxonomy of the multiple verbs. You may also use the list of action words as a quick reference.

Make sure you add a period at the end of each LO.

To Add/Delete/Edit a New Learning Outcome:

  • Click on "+ Add New" if this is a new proposal and you need to enter in Learning Outcomes.
  • In the textbox that appears enter your Learning Outcome.

  • To add another Learning Outcome click the + on the right side. 
  • To delete a Learning Outcome click on the trash can on the right side.
  • To edit a Learning Outcome click in the box of the Learning Outcome you wish to update. You can then manipulate the text as needed.

Example 1 (ENG 225):

Example 2 (ART 107D):