1.2 Basic Info: Subject Code

The subject code is the course alpha/discipline the proposal will be associated with. Courses can only use course alphas that have already been approved for using at Leeward CC.

The new course alpha cannot be used until it is approved by the UH system. The course info will not be updated once the Catalog is published. Hence, if a course needs a new course alpha, the proposer should submit the course proposal as early as possible and notify the Curriculum Committee Chair. 

The course alpha field is a typeahead field and the more characters you enter the fewer choices will appear. The list of course alphas provides all alphas that are availble for use at Leeward CC. 

Example 1

Example showing IC typed into the field showing MICR and ICS.

Example 2

Example showing HI typed into the field showing: HIST, PHIL and HIT.