How do I meet with a writing consultant?

You can meet in three ways:

  • In person in the Writing Center
  • By phone
  • Online via Skype

You can meet with or without an appointment:

  • Drop by or call the Writing Center for a drop-in session (subject to availability).
  • Make an appointment to reserve the time that fits your schedule best.

Click here for the Writing Center’s hours.

The Writing Center is located in the Learning Commons of Leeward Community College. Click here for the campus map.

How do I make an appointment?

  • Click here to make an appointment. (For a short instructional video on making appointments online, click here.)
  • Come by the Writing Center.
  • Call us at 455-0409.
  • Email us at writers [at] hawaii [dot] edu.

If you need to reschedule* your appointment, please call or email us with as much advance notice as possible, so we can open the time slot for other students to use. 

What can I bring to my session?

  • Your ideas, questions, and any drafts, notes, or outlines you have.
  • Your assignment materials.

How often can I meet with a writing consultant?

Students can meet with a writing consultant in individual sessions for each of their Leeward CC classes as follows:

  • up to two hours per week;
  • up to one hour per day (scheduling more than one hour on the same day may be permissible if space is available and a minimum of three hours between sessions is scheduled to allow for independent work).

*If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you can do so yourself online up to twenty-four (24) hours prior to your appointment time. After that, you can call or email us to reschedule or cancel. Please provide at least four (4) hours advance notice if you need to reschedule or cancel, so we can make the time slot available to other students.

If you miss your appointment or cancel it without at least four (4) hours advance notice, your absence will be noted on the online scheduling software as a "missed" appointment.  Students with three "missed" appointments will need to meet with the Writing Center coordinator prior to scheduling any future sessions.