" ...to provide open door access to high quality education in an environment that is responsive to community needs and encourages all students to achieve their educational goals..."

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Welcome to Leeward Community College's Service-Learning Website.  We hope that you will find all the information you need to learn about Service-Learning and its benefits for students, faculty, the community, and our institution.  As stated in the quote above, one of LCC's primary missions is to assist our students with achieving their educational goals.  One method we are using to accomplish this is providing students with opportunities to engage in Service-Learning.

Service-Learning is a teaching strategy that combines course-related projects with guided reflection to:

  • enrich and enhance student learning of course material

  • help meet community needs, and

  • foster civic responsibility and a sense of caring for others.

Students volunteer at a community-based organization and perform activities that allow them to apply theories and skills learned in the classroom.  The community agency, in essence, becomes an extended classroom providing the student with other opportunities to learn.  These are just a few examples of Service-Learning activities.

Students enrolled in a writing course work with non-profit agencies on projects such as: writing manuals and brochures, website designs, grant writing.

Students in an education math course provide parents support for getting involved in their children's math education.  Projects include designing and hosting a Family Mathematics Night, producing a variety of age-appropriate mathematics activities for families, and developing integrated mathematics and literacy activities for families.

The purpose of this Website is to serve as a resource for students, faculty, and community agencies that would like to learn more Service-Learning and find out how to use this method of learning.


This page was last updated on January 3, 2003.  Questions or comments please e-mail the LCC Service-Learning Program office.

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