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Our ultimate goal here at The Leeward Theatre is to build community through live performance. The more of our community that is allowed to access our events the more Iikely it is for young people and other individuals to take action to improve their community. Creativity is Iife affirming  -  no matter the quality or value of what was created. It is a step toward Iife; toward adding something to the world that did not exist before. The Leeward Theatre exists as a place where creativity is practiced on a daily basis - where students, community members, and trained artists can engage with and empower one another. Each of us has a different reason to feel connected to The Leeward Theatre and that is what makes it so special. Maybe that first connection was made after a moving or powerful show; maybe it was because you were a performer who once "crossed the boards" here; or maybe it was because you took a class here at Leeward and it inspired you to keep Iive performance in your heart and in your life. This is not just a building on a college campus • it is living breathing extension of the community.  It is a place that has the power to inspire, the power to enlighten, and the power to educate. We take our responsibility to you -  and to your memories and Ioyalty to this place • seriously. We want to ensure that The Leeward Theatre is around for another 40 years, and that you, your family, and your friends, will be there with us.

updated: 3/8/16