Online tutoring

Online and Phone Tutoring from the LRC

The LRC offers online and phone tutoring for a limited number of subjects. Our online tutoring is generally conducted over SKYPE, a free online communication tool that uses video, voice or text chat.

In Spring 2018, online or phone tutoring is currently available from the LRC for these subjects:

  • Accounting 124, 125, 201, 202
  • Chinese 101, 102
  • Health 110, 125
  • ICS 111, 211, 212

To make a Skype or phone appointment through an LRC staff member
     - Visit us or call us at 455-0412.
     - Please tell the staff member you want to make an appointment for online tutoring or phone tutoring.

To make a Skype or phone appointment through our website

  • Log in to TutorTrac, our appointment system. If this is your first time making an appointment online, follow these easy steps:
    • Your user name is your UH email name (the name before '' [at] hawaii [dot] edu'')
    • Your password is your student ID number. You will be able to change your password after you log in if you want.
  • Click Search Availability on the left side of the screen.
  • For Center, choose LRC Online/Phone.
  • For Section, choose the course or subject you want help with.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen for finding available time slots and choosing a time slot. 
  • On the appointment screen, be sure to provide your contact information in the phone/Skype username box. Indicate in the Notes box if this is a SKYPE or PHONE appointment,.
  • If you have questions or need assistance with making an appointment, give us a call at 455-0412.  We'd be glad to help!

Before your appointment:

  • Highly recommended: have a microphone and speakers or earbuds with microphone or headset connected to your computer; check the sound level before the appointment. Text chat is also available.
  • For online appointments, the tutor will call you through your Skype account at the appointment time. You must be at your computer and logged in to Skype to receive the call.
  • For phone appointments, the tutor will call your phone number at the appointment time.


Online tutoring for other content subjects:

Online tutoring is also available for a variety of subjects through Brainfuse, a professional online tutoring service. To access this service (free to UH community college students):

  • Log in to MyUH
  • Click on the MyTools tab
  • Scroll down and find Brainfuse logo on the right side of the screen; click on Connect Now