Language Conversation Groups

Learning another language doesn’t have to be serious!

Participating in a language conversation group might be one of the best experiences you have in college!  

Conversation groups are NOT A CLASS! They have no grades and no homework – they are just a chance to have fun with the language and culture!

A language conversation group...

  • is a voluntary activity for students who are studying a language at Leeward Community College
  • is a small group -- maximum 5 or 6 students -- plus a conversation leader (also a student) who's a native speaker or advanced student of the language.
  • meets once a week for an hour, usually for ten weeks
  • gives you a chance to get to know other students while you practice the language you're studying

"I learned something new and had fun"

Goals: Conversation group participants will...

  • Increase confidence and conversational skill through informal language practice.  You'll get to know fellow group members while discussing real topics and learning useful vocabulary.
  • Learn more about the country and culture where the language is spoken.
  • Have fun! Groups play language games, and do other interesting activities.

 "I liked how we learned to communicate realistically with people."

Sign up for a conversation group through your language class.

Early in the semester, sign-up sheets are passed around in language classes (at 102 level or higher). Group times are based on availability of conversation leaders. A few days later, students who signed up will get their group assignment from their language instructor.

 "We got to know each other more."



I’m pretty busy. Do I have to come every week?
We do ask students who sign up to make a commitment to attend regularly. If some don’t, it’s less rewarding for those who do come, including the leader. (“Hey, where is everybody?”)

I’m not studying a language right now, but I’m interested in learning to speak another language. Can I join a group?
Sorry, but the conversation groups are specifically designed for students who are enrolled in a language class.

I need help with grammar, reading, and writing in the language I’m studying. Can I get this help in a group?
The focus of the groups is on listening and speaking. For other types of help, you should make an individual appointment with one of the LRC’s language tutors.

Can I get extra credit for being in a conversation group?
Maybe. Some instructors give extra credit for attending groups, but the biggest benefit to you is the satisfaction of talking about real, practical topics in another language, gaining insights into another culture, and using the language you’re studying to socialize with other students.

 "Talked a lot! Learned a lot!"