How to Set Up a Review Session

Setting up a review session is a collaborative effort by the instructor and tutor. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to follow:

  1. You should have received a copy of the tutor’s available times in an email earlier this semester, but you may want to check with the tutor to ensure his/her schedule has not changed.

  2. Choose a time: Consult with the tutor and with your class to select one or more possible times for the session. Note that most reviews are 1 to 1.5 hours long. It may be more difficult to find available space for a session that’s longer than 1 hour during “prime time.” Planning ahead is always good advice!

  3. Find a place: Work with your division secretary to find a classroom for the review. If none is available at a selected time, try to reserve one or both Learning Commons study rooms (outside the LRC, in the main second floor Learning Commons area). Each room holds about seven students comfortably; if you expect more students, try to reserve both rooms (they have a moveable divider). To reserve rooms, call x210 or come to the desk in front of the study rooms or the Circulation Desk.

  4. Ask the tutor to reserve his or her time on the tutoring schedule. (Tutors have been given instructions for doing this.)

  5. Notify your students when and where the review session will be held. Here’s a template for a flyer (MS Word docx) -- you can fill in the specifics -- course, tutor’s name, date, time, and location of the review session. Then you can upload it to Laulima, and also print it and post it in your classroom -- if you print an extra copy, the tutor can post it on the door during the session.

  6. The tutor will pick up a sign-in sheet and feedback forms in the LRC to bring to the session. He or she will bring the sheet and forms back to the LRC afterwards.