Make an appointment

Aloha! Let's get you an appointment to connect you with a LRC tutor.

Use our online scheduling software, TutorTrac, to make an appointment for remote online tutoring. You will be asked to identify your course. Use "Appointment Duration" to select either a 25 or 55 minute (if available) tutoring session. Please see our LRC Updates page for courses available.

For assistance making an appointment online using TutorTrac please watch this video from the Writing Center's website, or contact us during open hours.

Please note the following:

  • In TutorTrac, for "Center" select "LRC". For help with general computer or study skills, use "Section" and select "Computer Skills". Then in the "Appointments Entry" box use the Notes box to specify the type of computer or study skills support needed (i.e. note taking, Laulima navigation, etc.).
  • For the Math Lab (all math-related course support), visit the Math Lab's web page for current procedures and open hours. Please note: Appointments for the Math Lab are not through TutorTrac.
  • You may schedule appointments with tutors for up to 55 minutes PER COURSE PER WEEK.


You will receive an appointment confirmation ( email. If you need to cancel this appointment, please follow the email's instructions.

Is same day support available? You may call or email (phone - 455-0412, email - lrc [at] hawaii [dot] edu) us during open hours and we'll see if a tutor is available for your course; if not, we can work with you on scheduling an appointment for an upcoming day.

On your scheduled appointment date, join our Zoom room 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time and you'll be connected with your tutor.


We look forward to you studying with us!