LRC Updates

We encourage remote online tutoring; however, limited on-campus in-person tutoring may now be arranged. Please contact the LRC directly by phone or email for details. 

Our content tutors are currently able to support the following courses:

BIOL 171, 171L, 172, 172L

CHEM 161, 161L, 162, 162L, 272, 272L

HLTH 125

ICS 110P, 111, 141, 211, 241 (starting 10/7/20)

JPN 101 (starting 10/7/20)

KOR 101, 102, 201, 202 (202 - no sections Fall 2020)

MICR 130, 140L

REL 150

Please see our Tutor Schedule page for a calendar of dates and times tutors are available for specific courses. (On the calendar, click on the course you are interested in to see the full available start and end time.)

Appointment reservations may be made on TutorTrac for online remote tutoring using webconferencing tools (Zoom) for 25 or 55 minute sessions.


Additional Resource Available

As a student in the UH system, you also have available to you with tutoring in a variety of subjects, including business, foreign languages, history, psychology, science, and technology. Currently this fall semester there is a usage maximum of 600 minutes available per student. (This allotment is subject to change.)