Faculty Resources

The LRC is here to support your students...and you!  Here are ways you can help your students to make the most of our services.

Include our information in your syllabus.

Add a link from your Laulima site or other course website to the LRC website.

Recommend a potential tutor.
An excellent student in your class who's earned an A or high B grade in your course and has strong communication and interpersonal skills might be a good prospect to work as a tutor, especially if many students find the course challenging. (Good examples of challenging courses are so-called gatekeepers, courses with high enrollment and relatively low success rates.) To refer a potential student to the LRC, contact the LRC coordinator. You may wish to speak with the student first to see if he or she is interested.

Use our Quotes of the Week.

  • Every week during fall and spring semester, a quote is sent to the faculty/staff email list and posted on the LRC website.
  • Quotes are intended to motivate…inspire…provide something to think and talk or write about
  • Each quote is accompanied by suggested activities or prompts for discussion or writing. Use the quotes, with or without the activities, as class openers (to put on board or screen as students are arriving), or as a brief change-of-pace during class...or post them on your course website.
  • Each quote is tagged with one or more themes -- examples are beginnings, education and learning, procrastination, etc. Click on the tag to view all the quotes associated with that theme.
  • When the identity of a quote’s author is available, it is included. If information about the author is available online, the author’s name is linked to an appropriate website. These links can be used to learn more about the author and can serve as starting points for research.

 Do you have questions? suggestions? Share your feedback with us. We're happy to help!