Time management and organization

This 15-to-30-minute session offers help with keeping track of assignments, setting priorities, getting and staying organized!
Bring your syllabi and a planner, if you have one.

Current tutors

Helen L.

Tutoring Spanish, BUS 101, BUSN 121, Computer skills, Laulima, ICS 100, Time management and organization

When I learn something new, I try to share the newfound information with someone else. When you teach what you know and help others, you feel like a super hero.

Future Business Woman/ can speak two languages/ love to meet people and new cultures.

Jay E.

Tutoring ACC 124, 125, 201, 202; BLAW200, BUS 101, BUSN 121, 188, ICS 100, Computer skills, Laulima, FIL 102, MGT 121, Time management and organization

I love numbers and accounting comes easy for me. I can help you learn the language of accounting.

Future Accountant