Information and Computer Science

ICS 100, 110M, 111, 141, 211, 212

Please note that tutors may have expertise in select levels of a course.

General catalog information for Information and Computer Science (ICS)

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Current tutors

Gabe U.

Tutoring ICS 111, 211, 141; EE 150.

I tutor ICS because I enjoy programming and because of how versatile it is. Many, if not all, industries do some type of ICS related work, meaning there's an abundance of possibilities to apply skills I've learned through the ICS program.

Future programmer

Jay E.

Tutoring ACC 124, 125, 201, 202; BUS 101, BUSN 121, 188, ICS 100, Computer skills, Laulima, FIL 102, MGT 121, Time management and organization

I love numbers and accounting comes easy for me. I can help you learn the language of accounting.

Future Accountant

Helen L.

Tutoring Spanish, BUS 101, 201, BUSN 121, Computer skills, Laulima, ICS 100, Time management and organization

When I learn something new, I try to share the newfound information with someone else. When you teach what you know and help others, you feel like a super hero.

Future Business Woman/ can speak two languages/ love to meet people and new cultures.

Rhys R.

Tutoring ACC 124, 252; BUS 101; BUSN121; Computer skills; ICS 100; Laulima; Time management & organization.

I started off as a student who required tutoring, and with the help of the LRC tutors I was able to gain the confidence and knowledge to be a tutor myself. I'm excited to tutor because I enjoy the thought of helping students the same way I was helped by my tutors.

Musician / Professor-to-be / Food consumer

Jacques G. C.

Tutoring GEOG 101, ICS 141.

Top Tip: Make sure to take frequent, but short breaks while studying. Your mind can only process so much information until it gets confused about what you take in. If you find yourself re-reading your study material multiple times, it's time to take a break.

Video Game Connoisseur