Business 101

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Current tutors

Aki I.

Tutoring ACC 124, 125, 132, 134, 137, 201, 202, 252, 255; BUS101, BUSN121, ICS100, Japanese, Computer skills, Laulima

Accounting can get a little confusing, and we all can get stressed out about it sometimes. One of the best solutions is to work with an instructor, classmate, or peer tutor. I'll do my best to be your best study buddy. I look forward to working with you.

Beach Lover from Yokohama, Japan

Helen L.

Tutoring Spanish, BUS 101, BUSN 121, Computer skills, Laulima, ICS 100, Time management and organization

When I learn something new, I try to share the newfound information with someone else. When you teach what you know and help others, you feel like a super hero.

Future Business Woman/ can speak two languages/ love to meet people and new cultures.

Jay E.

Tutoring ACC 124, 125, 201, 202; BLAW200, BUS 101, BUSN 121, 188, ICS 100, Computer skills, Laulima, FIL 102, MGT 121, Time management and organization

I love numbers and accounting comes easy for me. I can help you learn the language of accounting.

Future Accountant

Alex U.

Tutoring BUS101, BUSN121, Computer skills, ICS100, ANTH151, FAMR230, FSHN185, HEALTH110

A quick study tip I like to use is an app called Quizlet. If you're the type of person that likes the efficiency of using electronic flashcards rather than making physical ones, then this app is for you.

I work two jobs along with juggling school in between, so I cherish my free time; I love to venture around the island with my friends or spend time at home with my family.