Quote of the Week: Spring 2017, Week 15

One must work with time and not against it.
Ursula LeGuin

Classes end next week! Do your best to conclude your semester successfully by planning how to complete your remaining assignments and exam preparation. Here are a few tips:

  • Make a list of what you still need to do for each course you’re taking. Do you have papers or projects to finish? exams to study for? Include the deadline for each item on your list.
  • Look at the calendar and schedule what you’ll do each day from now until your last exam to make sure you complete everything. Some students find it’s helpful to set aside a specific time for each task, keeping in mind what time of day you are most alert. Schedule the most difficult work for when you’re at your best.

As you complete each task, cross it off your list. And congratulate yourself for getting one step closer to a successful semester!