Quote of the Week: Spring 2017, Week 13

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
Albert Einstein

 With less than a month to go in the semester, some students are feeling anxious or overwhelmed by difficult courses, major assignments, or upcoming exams. If you’re in this situation, use it as an opportunity to take control by identifying what you need to do, gathering your resources, and mapping out the rest of your semester.

  • What do you need to do? For each course, look through the syllabus, assignment sheets and notes. Make a list of all assignments and exams, including deadlines and due dates. Put the listed items into your calendar or planner. Don’t have one? Use Google Calendar, or download a weekly calendar in MS Word from a website like this one.
  • What are your resources? If you have questions, you may need to talk with or email your instructor, make an appointment with a tutor, or meet with one or more classmates. Use study guides from the instructor, all the tools in your textbook (review questions, chapter summaries, glossary, appendices), online resources that are included with the text, and other websites related to course topics such as YouTube videos or Khan Academy.
  • What’s your study plan? Look at the calendar and consider your resources. Set priorities based on due dates, amount of time you estimate each study task will require and its percentage of the course grade. You may want to make a daily study schedule or to-do list. Don’t forget to make appointments with instructors or tutors, or set up study sessions with classmates. Check your plan every morning and evening; adjust as needed.